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Professional transportation temperature control solution provider
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  • Professional refrigeration equipment research development, strength guarantee
    Many years of experience in research development of refrigeration equipment; a professional transportation temperature control solution provider integrating the sales, accessories services of refrigeration vehicles refrigeration units;


  • Quality assurance, high cost performance, overall refrigerated car
    Beautiful appearance, durable, good heat preservation performance, approved by customers; provide all kinds of commercial vehicle chassis complete vehicle as well as all parts.


  • Customized solution, easy to build your own refrigerated car
    According to the specific use of refrigerated car to choose the type of car for you, so that your interests can be guaranteed; according to the type of car transport goods to choose the right refrigerator for you, reduce the loss reduce the transport cost;


  • Perfect after-sales service system, so that you have no worries
    High quality pre-sale, sale, after-sale professional service system, to ensure that you fully understand our products; 24-hour online, to solve any technical problems for you.


  • About

    About us

    About us

    Chongqing Changhui Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.

    Our history:

    In 2002, we started bus air conditioning maintenance.

    In 2007, we established Chongqing Changhui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

    In 2009, it became an agent in the southwest of the great thermo king.

    In 2010, he became the agent of CIMC refrigerated vehicle.

    In 2015, we established an export department to develop the export business of refrigerated vehicle refrigeration unit complete vehicle parts.......[see more]


    Honorary qualification

    Professional Product R & D Manufacturer

    Refrigerated trucks, refrigerated truck refrigeration units, and special modified vehicles
    Sales, accessories, and services in one professional transport temperature control solution provider

    support hotline:023-67808157         17880289642


    Case presentation
    • Guizhou school food catering transportation cooperation project

      The cold chain transportation process must rely on special vehicles such as refrigeration refrigeration. In addition to the need for a freight car with the same body machinery, the special vehicles for refrigeration refrigeration must be additionally equipped with......

    • Anxinda reindeer cold chain project

      Refrigerated vehicle is a key equipment in cold chain logistics. Refrigerated trucks work reliably perform stably during refrigerated transportation, which is the key to ensure the safety of perishable fresh-keeping food during transportation.

    • Heilongjiang punctual logistics project

      The emergence of refrigerated car solves the problem of food preservation. When there was no refrigerated car before, the transportation of food was greatly hindered. The development of refrigerated car is a trend of the society nowadays. It is specialized in transporting fruits......

    • Chongqing ASEAN shuttle project

      Refrigerated cars are actually called refrigerated insulated cars, which are divided into refrigerated cars insulated cars. Refrigerator car is a car with insulation, equipped with refrigeration unit. The refrigerator car is mainly composed of car chassis, heat insulation envelope, refrigeration unit, indoor temperature recorder, etc. according to the special requirements of the car, such as meat hook car, meat hook, middle waist, aluminum alloy rail other options can be installed.

    • Taicang Zhongji land transportation refrigerated chamber

      Refrigerated vehicles are used to transport frozen fresh goods in closed vehicles, equipped with refrigeration units polyurethane insulated vehicles for refrigerated transportation vehicles, which are usually used to transport frozen food (refrigerated vehicles), dairy products (milk vehicles)......


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